Vacancy Vacancy Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:11:44 +0530 en-us Manager Quality Machining Thu, 13 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Handled customer complaints and taking containment action immediately\r\n\r\n· Identified the:\r\n\r\no Root cause and take corrective action for any customer complaints through G8D Analysis\r\n\r\no Major In-house reworks & rejection through pareto analysis to take corrective action\r\n\r\n· Prepared:\r\n\r\no Product audit plan & schedule & verifying the adherence of the schedule\r\n\r\no Process audit plan & schedule based on critical process product & customer complaints\r\n\r\no Lay out audit plan & schedule for all the active products yearly once\r\n\r\no Individual process rework & rejection PPM, process wise for taking corrective action\r\n\r\n· Took corrective action for the NC’s through lay out audit, process & product audit\r\n\r\n· Followed up with suppliers for corrective & preventive actions for any issues in supplier process& products\r\n\r\n· Reviewed PFMEA, control plan, process flow chart & SOP for corrective action\r\n\r\n· Fulfilled the customer specific requirements such as marinating CP, CPK & Supplier PPAP, annually doing Re-PPAP & corrective action validations\r\n\r\n· Communicated the customer complaints ,customer rejections, in-house rework & rejection ppm to the shop floor people as a TS 16949:2002 activity\r\n\r\n· Approved the components during development stage and managed direct dealing with customers for any quality issues for development items Manager-SCM Fri, 28 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 • Oversee preparation and release of schedules to vendors for the Supply of domestic parts to plants\r\n• Ensure domestic material management to meet production requirements\r\n• Oversee timely inbound logistics and supplier follow up for the same \r\n• Undertake vendor capacity planning to meet the changing requirements of the customers\r\n• Ensure Vendor development of all Class B and Class C items\r\n• Ensure Sourcing of all Class B and Class C items\r\n• Ensure raising of request for Capex & Non Capex Purchase\r\n• Ensure purchase of PR items , sourcing of parts /materials at the plant\r\n• Ensure Validation the MRP output, before release of schedules to vendors\r\n• Oversee Validation of PO release documents in line with customer requirement , ECN/ECR and storage requirements\r\n• Ensure re use of existing assets through modifications / transfer between plants\r\n• Ensure development and deployment of resources and support problem solving on current / potential issues